About Us

The Healthy Youth Coalition is a youth driven organization devoted to promoting healthy lifestyles among youth and their families throughout Marinette and Menominee Counties. We do this by building healthy youth activities and increase community awareness and knowledge of risk and protective factors, in order to reduce problem behaviors such as alcohol problem use and illicit drug use.

Membership is opened to all Marinette and Menominee County youth and adults interested in promoting assets.  Every effort will be made to have representatives from youth, parents, business and industry, media, schools, youth-serving organizations, law enforcement, religious, civic and volunteer organizations, healthcare, and state/local agencies which serve youth. After attending 3 Coalition meetings, participants become members and all members have the right to vote and attend the meetings. Coalition members are eligible to hold office and serve as Standing Committee Chairs after attending 5 monthly meetings.

The officers of the Coalition shall be:

1.         Co-Chairperson (1 adult, 2 youth)

2.         Vice-Chairperson (1 youth, 1 adult)

3.         Secretary (2 youth)

4.         Public Relations (1-2 adults, 1 youth)

5.         Community Events (1 adult, 1 youth)

6.         Sustainability (1 adult, 1 youth)

Duties of the Officers include:

1.  Chairpersons – The adult and youth chairpersons will preside over all Healthy Youth Coalition of Marinette andMenomineeCounties meetings. Working with the executive director, they will be responsible for establishing meeting agendas, with input from the Executive Committee, and delegating responsibilities to carry out decisions Made by the Coalition.

2.  Vice Chair.  The adult and youth vice chairpersons will act in the capacity of the chairpersons in their absence.  The vice chairs will also participate and vote at executive committee meetings.

3.  Youth Secretary. The youth secretary will be responsible for the official minutes of all meetings of the Coalition.

4. Public Relations – The adult and youth chairpersons will be responsible for communicating and working with all Healthy Youth Coalition affiliated organizations, advertise HYC, Publicize HYC events and recruit new members.  Because our Coalition serves two counties, two adult chairs may act in this position.

5. Community Events – The adult and youth chairpersons will be responsible for helping to coordinate all Healthy Youth Coalition related activities and events.

6. Sustainability – The adult and youth chairpersons will be responsible in assisting the Executive Director with researching and implementing ways to support the coalition beyond the federal grant.

All activities using the Healthy Youth Coalition of Marinette and Menominee Counties must be approved by the general membership of the Coalition.   All organizations or agencies wanting support, endorsement, co-sponsorship, or sponsorship of their event or activities must submit a written proposal to the Executive Committee for consideration.  Upon review, the Executive Committee will make recommendations to the membership at the next regularly scheduled meeting. Organizations will be notified in writing of the membership’s decision.

 A snapshot of our activites/programs include:

  • ACTion Troupe/Teen Leadership Trainings – Elementary presentations on bullying prevention, Alcohol, and Other Drug Prevention in the fall and spring seasons.  These short 30 second skits are open ended that leaves an opportunity for the students to make a positive outcome out of a negative situation.
  • Media Campaign – prevention  radio spots, billboards, brochure development, poster campaign and web site promotion. Many other sponsors from the community such as Aurora Health Care and Bay Area Medical Center have recently sponsored our Prescription Drug Abuse Billboard Campaign.
  • Town Hall Meeting held in November of 2009 and again in 2011
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force – This committee formed as a result of our town hall meeting in 2009. This group has completed many tasks such as bringing in guest speakers, holding  events in the community, presenting on prescription drug safety to elderly facilities in the area, attended trainings, hosted a “Rx Drug Billboard Contest” in the elementary schools and much more!
  • Courageous Persuaders – is a program in which high school students create commercials that address the problem of underage drinking. Selected Middle School students serve as evaluators  as the High School students create a 30 second commercial that aims at Middle School youth on the dangers of underage drinking. Congratulations to our Carney Nadeau HYC subgroup for winning one of the top 3 Scholarship Awards at this national competition!
  • Awareness Day– This annual  program was held at UW-Marinette in 2010. Keynote speaker and breakout sessions on self defense, teen stress,  depression, victim impact panel, date rape, youth drinking perceptions, internet safety, youth leadership opportunities, youth suicide prevention, and  prescription drug abuse.  About 250  youth from 11 districts across Marinette and Menominee counties attended.
  • 5K Trilogy Run/Walks – HYC has teamed up with Menominee Catholic Central to host a 3-run/walk event throughout the year.  Santa’s Boogie (December), New Year’s Resolution Run (January) and the Shamrock Shuffle (March) all aim to collect donations for various organizations and charities in the community.
  • Monthly Prevention Ideas – The Youth take the lead! What do you want to see at your school? What issues relating to drug and alcohol are there? Brainstorm different ideas each  month to increase HYC and prevention awareness at your school and community. Bring in guest speakers, hold fundraisers, volunteer, implement  engaging and fun daily activities, etc.
  • HYC has participated in many teen leadership trainings, community speaking events, health fairs and      community presentations as well as numerous community service projects.
  • Sustainability – DFC Grant: Year 6 – 10 Approved! United Way – Approved!