January 2018



The mission of the Healthy Youth Coalition of Marinette & Menominee Counties is a commitment to promote healthy Lifestyles and choices throughout our communities to benefit our youth and their families.

We do this by increasing community awareness and knowledge of risk and protective factors, reducing youth and community risk factors and building protective factors which impact risky behaviors such as problem alcohol use, illicit drug use, and violence, promoting healthy youth activities, and by empowering our youth to identify and develop their own responses to barriers in our communities which impede the building of protective factors.

  1. NAME

The name of the organization is the Healthy Youth Coalition of Marinette & Menominee Counties.

  1. To increase our communities’ awareness of building essential assets by

promoting healthy youth activities through meetings, media, public forums, and other initiatives.

  1. To increase healthy behavior such as school success, respect and value for diversity, good health, and leadership and reduce risky behavior such as problem alcohol use, illicit drug use, and violence through promoting essential assets for youth.
  2. To empower youth by helping them identify and develop their own responses to the barriers in our communities which impede the building of essential assets.


  1. Membership shall be opened to all Marinette and Menominee County youth and adults interested in promoting assets. Every effort will be made to have representatives from youth, parents, business and industry, media, schools, youth-serving organizations, law enforcement, religious, civic and volunteer organizations, healthcare, and state/local agencies which serve youth.
  2. After attending 3 Coalition meetings, participants become members.
  3. All members have the right to vote and attend the meetings.
  4. Coalition members are eligible to hold office and serve as Standing Committee Chairs after attending 5 monthly meetings.


  1. Decision making is vested in the membership as a whole.
  2. The Executive Committee consists of officers and the Standing Committee Chairs.
  3. Standing Committee Chairs will be selected by members and such Chairs shall have voting privileges at the Executive Committee meetings. Terms of office for the Executive Committee begin when the Coalition’s officers assume their duties.


  1. A Quorum may be decided by the consensus of voting members present, whether at Executive Committee meetings or meetings of the whole.
  2. Meetings will be conducted using standard parliamentary procedure.


  1. Day to day administration of Coalition affairs and execution of decisions approved at the regular meetings of the Coalition shall be the responsibility of the
  2. Coalition executive director. The executive director will work in conjunction with the executive committee in carrying out the responsibilities and mission of the Coalition.
  3. Duties of the Executive Director
    1. Assist the executive committee in establishing the meeting agendas and in conducting the monthly Coalition meetings.
    2. Assist the executive committee with standing committee meeting.
    3. Assist the executive committee in carrying out decisions made at the Coalition meetings.
    4. Work with community leaders, community members, and public agencies to implement the mission of the Healthy Youth Coalition of Marinette and Menominee Counties.
    5. Complete all correspondence related to the responsibilities of the Coalition.
    6. Submit all approved expenses to the fiscal agent in a timely manner for vendors to be reimbursed.
    7. Administer all grant awards and complete grant reports, as needed.
    8. Report quarterly to the executive committee regarding the tasks completed.
    9. Facilitate annual strategic planning sessions with the full membership and executive committee.
    10. Complete an Annual Report detailing the accomplishments, challenges, and future goals of the Coalition.


  1. The officers of the Marinette/Menominee Coalition shall be:
    1. Co-Chairperson (1 adult, 1 youth from each of our schools)
    2. Vice-Chairperson (1 adult)
    3. Secretary (1 adult)
    4. Public Relations (1-2 adults)
    5. Community Events (1-2 adult)
    6. Sustainability (1 adult)
  2. Officers of Coalitions – 1 youth chair and others as needed depending on each school.
  3. Duties of the Officers:
    1. Chairpersons – The adult and youth chairpersons will preside over all Healthy Youth Coalition of Marinette and Menominee Counties meetings. Working with the executive director, they will be responsible for establishing meeting agendas, with input from the Executive Committee, and delegating responsibilities to carry out decisions Made by the Coalition.
    2. Vice Chair. Vice chairperson will act in the capacity of the chairperson in their absence.  The vice chair will also participate and vote at executive committee meetings.
    3. Secretary. The secretary will be responsible for the official minutes of all meetings of the Coalition.
    4. Public Relations –Chairperson will be responsible for communicating and working with all Healthy Youth Coalition affiliated organizations, advertise HYC, Publicize HYC events and recruit new members.  Because our Coalition serves two counties, two adult chairs may act in this position.
    5. Community Events –Chairperson will be responsible for helping to coordinate all Healthy Youth Coalition related activities and events. Because our Coalition serves two counties, two adult chairs may act in this position.
    6. Sustainability –Chairpersons will be responsible in assisting the Executive Director with researching and implementing ways to support the coalition beyond the federal grant.


    1. Executive Committee will appoint officers for each school.  Officers will serve a 12 month term.  Each year, the annual selection of officers will be held at the regular May meeting of the Coalition and will follow Section VII of the By-Laws.
    2. Officer petitions will be distributed to interested Coalition members at the April meeting. Interested Coalition members complete and return the officer petition and short answer essay one week prior to the regularly scheduled May meeting.
    3. The Executive Committee will rank the candidates’ petition and short answer essay and appoint new officers.
    4. Prior to the summer meeting, candidates and selected officers and HYC members will be notified of the selection results. The “old and new” executive committee will meet to discuss the transition.
    5. The new officers will take office in June.
    6. Exceptions to the above can be made if needed. Coalition Director and the adult Executive Committee may suggest elections take place during another time of year if it will benefit a school coalition.


  1. At any time during the year by a majority vote of the Executive Committee, an officer may be removed from office for failure to carry out their responsibilities. All officers shall uphold the mission statement of our coalition at all times and assume conduct becoming of a leader at all times.  All situations will be assessed at the discretion of the adult executive committee.  He/She may be removed from office if failure to do so.
  2. Any officer or member who is determined by the Executive committee to have engaged in unethical or illegal conduct will be put on probation for the remainder of the school year. They will be approached by the coalition Director, another adult member of the coalition, and possibly one member of the youth Executive Committee (depending on the situation) from the school the accused individual attends.  If they feel they have been falsely accused, they will be given the opportunity to plead their case to the entire Executive Committee for a majority vote.  Each case will be tried separately.
  3. In the event that an officer is removed, the coalition Adult Executive Committee shall be empowered to fill the vacancy, as they see fit.

A two strike policy will be enforced for any coalition member who is confronted about engaging in unethical or illegal conduct.  The first strike will be a warning.  The second strike will result in a request for the member to not participate in HYC any longer.

  2. Adult officers will serve a 2 year term.
  3. Officer petitions will be distributed to the interested Coalition members in April. Interested members will complete and return the officer petition and short answer essay prior to the May meeting.
  4. Selection of officers will be decided by the current Executive Board.


  1. The Executive Committee is comprised of the Coalition officers and the chairpersons of the three standing committees. They will meet quarterly to discuss and review Coalition activities and progress on goals.

Recommendations made by the executive Committee are approved by a vote of the quorum attending the regularly scheduled Coalition meetings.

  1. Permanent Standing Committees have been established to develop ways to communicate the mission of the Coalition with all community members.  The three permanent standing committees are the following:
    1. Community Events
    2. Public Relations
    3. Sustainability

Six sub-groups will fall under the three standing committees.  The six sub-groups are the following:

  1. Business and Industry/Healthcare
  2. Education
  3. Social Justice
  4. Coalition Marketing and Communications
  5. Parents/Religious Organizations
  6. Youth-Serving/Community Agencies/Task Force


All activities using the Healthy Youth Coalition of Marinette and Menominee Counties must be approved by the general membership of the Coalition.   All organizations or agencies wanting support, endorsement, co-sponsorship, or sponsorship of their event or activities must submit a written proposal to the Executive Committee for consideration.  Upon review, the Executive Committee will make recommendations to the membership at the next regularly scheduled meeting.   Organizations will be notified in writing of the membership’s decision.


  1. Reports from each standing committee are due at least two (2) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting, and at least seven (7) days prior to Executive Committee meetings throughout the year, if provided with one week notice to provide such.
  2. The Secretary shall submit the prior meeting minutes for approval at the following meeting.


  1. By-Laws shall be reviewed annually by the Executive Committee and amended, if needed, to reflect the Healthy Youth Coalition.
  2. Recommended amendments shall be presented to the Executive Committee for comment and discussion.
  3. At the next meeting following discussion, the proposed amendments shall be voted upon.
  4. By Law amendments take effect immediately after their approval by the Executive Committee.
  5. The executive committee will fill vacancies should they occur before yearly elections.


Upon dissolution, all funds of the Healthy Youth Coalition of Marinette and Menominee Counties shall be distributed to the Tri City Area United Way.

2017-2018 Adult Officers:

  • Adult Chair: Nancy Crevier
  • Adult Vice-Chair – Erin Viau
  • Adult Community Events Chair – Terri Florek
  • Adult Public Relations Chair – Molly Bonjean
  • Adult Sustainability: Jenni Brunelle
  • Adult Public Relations: Justin Wroblewski