Stephenson wins 2nd Place Courageous Persuaders Award!

June 10, 2014

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We couldn’t be more proud of all our HYC members that submitted videos (7 entries!) this year. We made┬áthe trip downstate to Troy, MI that there were over 1000,000 views of all entries on their YouTube channel – what a difference these kids make! We were fortunate enough to have two of these seven groups make it to the top 60 Finalists out of 500 entries nationwide! After a LONG 11 hour ride it was worth it – we are so incredibly excited to announce that the “No Matter How You Say It” Stephenson group received the 2nd place Courageous Persuaders Award tonight! Thank you to the other Stephenson group for their support and making the trip with us to watch their peers accept their trophies and scholarship!


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