2015 Peshtigo HYC Meetings Dates

August 26, 2015

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Please mark these down! This year our meetings will be held the last half of the hour. Hope to see you there!

Wed.. Oct. 7th  1st hr (8:26am) Mrs. Lemire  Rm 203

Wed.  Nov. 4th  3rd hr (10:19 am) Mr. Ahrens  Rm 501

Wed.  Dec. 2nd  4th  (11:15 am) Mrs. Birch  Rm 205

Wed.  Jan 6th   5th (12:42 pm) Mrs. Bradley  Rm 106

Wed.  Feb. 3rd   6th (1:38 pm) Mrs. Gilligan Rm 506

Wed.  Mar. 2nd    7th ( 2:34) Mr. Henrigillis Rm 201

Wed.  April 6th   2nd (9:22am)  Mr. Seyler Rm 101

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