All Stars, Junior program held at Marinette School District

December 9, 2015

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All Stars, Junior program held at Marinette School District

The Healthy Youth Coalition’s Community Health Educator, Karianne Lesperance, teamed up with Molly Bonjean, RN at Marinette County Public Health to implement the evidence-based Character Education program, “All Stars, Jr.” in all Marinette 4th grade classrooms.  The All Stars Junior program emphasizes the development of six positive character traits (being caring, forgiving, being helpful, being honest, being respectful and being responsible). All Stars Junior is designed to promote positive character traits, establish positive norms for social behavior, promote bonding with positive, supportive social institutions, and promote positive parental attentiveness. Junior Community has fifteen (we hold these within 10 weeks) 45-minute activities, each of which includes a take-home sheet for parents.  If the homework assignments are returned with a parent signature, that student receives a prize!  Junior Community can be taught by a group leader or an outside specialist.  While designed for community settings, it also works well in school environments that seek to promote positive character development.

We hold an ice cream party celebration at the end of the time with the students to congratulate them on graduating from the program.  If students completed and turned in all 7 homework assignments with a parent signature they received a “special” grand prize trophy at the end of the celebration.  Thank you to Ms. Leslie Nemmers and all 4th grade teachers for having us in the classrooms!

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