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August 4, 2015

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Registration is now open! – Click on this link: Reg Letter part 2

Middle school is hard. Surviving middle school socially is even harder. At the end of this program, we would like to see girls supporting one another and having the confidence in themselves to be who we see them as truly strong, confident, and healthy girls: mentally, emotionally, and physically!

The Marinette-Menominee YMCA along with the Healthy Youth Coalition has teamed up with the Marinette and Menominee School Districts to host the first ever “Heart & SOLE Sisters” program. The program is for girls who have may not know that they are athletes or capable of completing an athletic feat. They may also want to work toward navigating their way through friendship issues, self-confidence, online conflicts, and finding themselves. This program is here to support and empower middle school aged girls to be kinder, stronger, and a part of a community team.

Within this program we are incorporating The “FearlesslyKiND” Classroom Curriculum which is a fun and engaging 6 week program for tween girls (grades 6-8) that help them navigate the challenges of friendships, self-esteem, body image, bullying, cyber drama and creating a kinder Girl World in the process.

The program is designed to incorporate a variety of goals such as; encourage an honest conversation about “girl world” and help create a sense of support and sisterhood. It creates a safe environment where girls can connect, helps them express themselves authentically and celebrates what makes them beautifully unique. This program will give girls the tools and confidence to manage conflict, drama, rumors, gossip, toxic friends, help girls manage online relationships understand healthy relationships, establish boundaries, and gain the necessary tools to maintain and develop kinder friendships.

The extra and special incentive in this program is incorporating a 5k running and training element that will establish health and wellness principles in their lifestyle. Through the collaboration of organizations involved we are able to establish two “Heart and SOLE Sisters” chapters, one at Menominee Junior High and another at Marinette Middle School. After the 6 week program, the educators along with all girl participants from both chapters will join together to run the “Freaky Friday” 5k YMCA race on October 30th! Mixing all of these fundamentals with an additional focus on drug & alcohol prevention and nutrition, we will Increase their leadership skills, boost self-esteem and create a kinder girl world! A drawstring bag of running essentials will be given to each program participant.

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