HYC Holds ACTion Troupe Presentations Throughout M&M Area

July 20, 2018

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HYC Holds ACTion Troupe Presentations Throughout M&M Area

This Spring, HYC delivered many ACTion Troupe presentations throughout the two counties. Peshtigo, Marinette, Carney, North Central and Menominee all delivered presentations throughout the months of April and May. Peshtigo delivered two 40 minute presentations to the entire elementary school in an assembly format. The teachers praised our youth members and the students expressed their gratitude to our members as well! Carney and North Central blocked out an entire day by going door to door to each classroom and delivering individual skits based on the grade we were presenting to. Marinette traveled to all 3 elementary schools throughout a full day’s time as well, and presented in an assembly format. Menominee did the same when they traveled to Blesch Elementary school, but we did 4 skits within an hour in two assemblies in order to reach all of the students. It was a busy two months but our members love to do ACTion Troupe and we are excited to continue these presentations in the Fall!

Check out our photo galleries for albums of each school’s presentations!

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