Jason Maupin Visits Local Schools!

March 2, 2015

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On February 25th and 26th Jason Maupin came back to the area to speak at Menominee, Stephenson, Carney and North Central schools.  His message empowers students to think about CHOICES in life and as he compares life with a hand in Texas Hold ‘Em,  he stresses the importance of not being able to change your past but you can live your life in the future however you choose.

Jason Maupin, has been speaking to middle school and high school students for over ten years. His authentic communication style and humor have impacted students all over the world. His simple message of hope has inspired student just like you to believe in a better future.

This speaker was made possible thanks to donations from the Healthy Youth Coalition, Northern Coatings & Chemicals and Mid County Veterinarian Clinic.

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A message from Jason:

“I walk alone…” Green Day

“Nobody’s listening…” Linkin Park

“We’re disposable teens…” Marilyn Manson


These are the voices that students are inundated with today.  Elevate Industries is committed to being a positive voice to give students hope. The lack of self-esteem, negative pressures, and other demanding issues that face youth today can cause many students to be vulnerable to detrimental situations and give up on a rewarding life.  How do we reach our students to convince them their future starts with the choices they make today?

Elevate Industries has been committed to combating these problems since 2003.  Through our powerful presentation, we have successfully motivated students all over the world to make the right choices necessary for a successful future.  Thousands of young people have insisted on a better future by making positive choices.

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