Local Dart Shooters donate money to HYC & CASA

July 20, 2018

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Local Dart Shooters donate money to HYC & CASA

WOW! This past April, Fully Charged and The Local Dart Shooters donated $2,250 to HYC and another $2,250 to Menominee CASA. All because they care about the children of their community. We are putting this donation towards the most recent “Every 15 Minutes” programs we had at two local schools and will use the rest for upcoming HYC programs. We are so thankful we don’t have to cut another program because of generous people like THIS! Thanks again to everyone who came out to the tournament and played to raise money for us! Special thanks to Brigette, Joe and Lita who put in endless hours making sure this was successful! We appreciate you! 👏

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