Menominee ACTion Troupe Hosts “Activities Day”!

January 20, 2017

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activities day 2016

The month of November was busy preparing for two large presentations. Our first presentation was requested by Blesch Intermediate School to host their second “Activities Day” reward event for their students who qualified. Qualifying to participate in an Activities Day would require students to have limited absences and tardiness and were also required to have no behavioral issues during the designated time. We were ecstatic to be chosen to host the event and we got a head start planning late this summer. Working with Mr. Dave Mathieu at the High School, we both agreed to do an extended version of our ACTion Troupe program along with some fun interactive games that we can relate back to ATOD prevention. Working with over 30 ACTion Troupe members from the High School for over two solid months gave us the time and manpower we needed to be able to facilitate the 3-hour long event. When it came time to present, we were told by the principal that since our message so important, it is crucial for the students who did not qualify, to still be a part of our event. We couldn’t agree more and decided to present to over 400 students that day. Our ACTion Troupe members did a fantastic job creating 4 new skits, talking with the kids about making positive choices and even giving advice on drug and alcohol and bullying issues. During the second half of the presentation, we showed various educational videos about drug, alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention and we also had the opportunity to invite students up who did qualify for the event to play some fun games with us! The kids had a blast, and they even had a great time learning about how drugs and alcohol effect reaction time, decisions, school, sports, relationships and more as we demonstrated through the games. At the end of the day, we handed out small trophies to the students who were selected as stand out students for making positive choices that quarter and we thanked them for making a difference at their school. The next day, we received a very motivational email from the principal that read, “THANK YOU to both of you and all the students who helped out! The kids had a great time and were talking about it again today. One of the third graders went back and told his teacher he’s never won anything, but today he won a trophy. I appreciate your help with this great day! I look forward to working with you again this year!”. Hearing how excited a child was for being rewarded for just being a good person made me feel as though we did our job with encouraging those to keep making a positive difference, whether you are rewarded or not. Which brought us back to a video that we showed to the students during the beginning of the event, where a man helped out someone new every day and he was able to see how his kind actions helped those strangers flourish, and what did we get in return? Happiness. Just happiness.

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