Stephenson wins big at “Courageous Persuaders” Awards

May 25, 2016

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Since 2009, the coalition has been actively involved in the national “Courageous Persuaders” competition. Within these past 7 years, we have had a finalist for 6 of the years as well as 5 scholarship winners. We are excited to announce that we have another winner! Congratulations Daisy Vandenberge and Kajsa Rye from Stephenson High School for winning the 2nd place prize of a $1,000 scholarship!

This year, over 650 commercials were submitted from states all over the country. The coalition had 11 entries total this year. The youth create a TV commercial targeted at middle school students to warn them about the dangers of underage drinking. They have the opportunity to win scholarship money, trophies, have fun, and gain valuable experience.

It’s not always easy to stand up against underage drinking and we love that this program encourages high school students to be a role model and a great influence among their peers and middle school students. This is a create way for the HYC members to get their point across in a creative way. ¬†We appreciate the award and look forward to participating in the future! Please make sure to check out our photo gallery for more pictures! Also, check out our videos for their winning commercial “Smashed”!


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