Youth Led Town Hall Meeting held December 5, 2011

January 10, 2012

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On Monday, December 5th over 30 HYC youth members coordinated and presented a youth led town hall forum on the CTC (Communities that Care) survey results which assess use and risk of use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana in 6th, 8th and 10th grade students within Marinette and Menominee Counties.  Since October, 7 different school districts (North Central, Carney, Stephenson, Menominee, Marinette, Peshtigo and Coleman) put in numerous hours preparing for their 5-10 minute segment of the event by taking their assigned section of the results and presenting them in a creative way.  North Central gave a drama production of a “Typical Day in the Life of a Teenager” as they guided the audience through what teens are faced every day with peer pressure and some ideations on why youth may begin to use and what kind of future they are choosing when they say yes to peer pressure. Next, the Carney HYC group also gave a drama production with a short skit on portraying elderly women in a coffee shop throughout the years beginning with 2006.  They illustrated what some elderly community members could think of the youth nowadays and what influences kids the most.  They also related this skit to how statistics for each substance fluctuated between the years that the survey was taken and what may be credited to the increase or decrease in use.  At the end of the skit, the women begin to realize that although times have changed, teens and youth are still faced with the same hardships that they once faced as a young child.  Stephenson HYC members kicked off the event with their newscast video previously recorded.  In a comical way, the youth exposed the influences on youth (fans at a sports event, parent’s tobacco and alcohol use, and the decreased stigma with marijuana in the community) as their “breaking news” segment focused on the youth led town hall forum that night.  Coleman also used comedy in their presentation as they re-wrote a popular rap song to fit with how young our youth are beginning to use alcohol, tobacco and marijuana and their opinions on what it can really do to your body, reputation and relationships.  Peshtigo HYC members presented “Can’t find my Match!” as the students dressed up as each substance and tried to find their statistic representing the use per grade. As they were frantically trying to find their corresponding number, they would express why or why not that number would fit well with them (“there are MUCH more kids using me than your number” or “I’m not that high of a number, I am terrible on your body!”).  The Marinette HYC subgroup brought the famous television game show “The Price is Right” to life on the UW-Marinette Theater Stage as their version named “The Percentage is Right” incorporated the popular games Plinko, Cliffhanger and Punch-A-Bunch to inform the audience members of what marijuana, tobacco and alcohol use really “costs” someone, especially youth. Great job to all who participated we are so proud of every one of you and all of your hard work you put into this event!

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